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Camera Club Los Angeles Presents: i <3 Boy. Opening night at Contatct Photo Lab Los Angeles California.

Camera Club Los Angeles Presents: I Heart Boy

Please join photographer Jessica Yatrofsky and Camera Club Los Angeles for an evening of art, cocktails and conversation. In addition to festivities there will be a book signing, Q&A and the official debut of I ♥ Boy in the city of Los Angeles. We look forward to seeing you there.

Contact Photo Lab
618 Moulton Avenue
Suite E
Los Angeles, CA 90031
8pm -11pm



Camera Club Los Angeles Presents: Myths Closing Event


Saturday May 11th

Camera Club Los Angeles Presents: Myths Closing Event

Santa Monica Art Studios

Hangar Gallery

3026 Airport Avenue

Santa Monica, California 90405

6pm - 8pm

Presenting work by the following artists:

Christy Lee Rogers
Ryan Schude
Zack Herrera
Maciek Jasik
Yuki Shingai
Jessica Yatrofsky
Clay Lipsky
Janna Ireland
Mark Fernandes
Chang Kyun Kim
Haley Jane Samuelson
Collin Avery
Sherry Griffin
Courtney Newvine
Melissa Mercier
Albert Roman

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Anna Ogier-Bloomer

I photograph contemporary American family histories through the daily lives of my own family, playing on the inherent voyeuristic nature of human society. By exposing our private, unsightly, and painful moments to the viewer, I offer entrance to one’s own family life via the conduit of my loved ones. The American obsession with the notion of an ideal family leads to a fascination with the necessary and painful dysfunctions which make that ideal unattainable. Set against the backdrop of my Ohio home, this life-long series spanning nearly a decade follows my family through every move and change.

Each wrinkle, each heavy sigh, each confident stare into the lens contained in these images is suggestive of the undercurrent of an American family moving through joys and tragedies. These are not perfect images, nor perfect moments.  They are the in-between, the almost there, the awkward, the joyful. These are the moments not discussed but not uncommon. They show the connections we share while fulfilling our need to know and be known, to see and be seen.

Work by Anna Ogier-Bloomer. See more here.

Work by Andy J. Scott. See more here.

Rose Marie Cromwell

Everything arrives is a line from a Reinaldo Arenas poem “The Parade Ends”. Arenas describes the streets of Havana with cold harshness; a reality that is oppressive. Where free will seems unattainable, Finally, “Everything Arrives” and he is able to exercise his agency in the simplest of ways; he mentally frees himself from his physical present state and elevates himself to a world of “incessant jingling”. Here, in this state, he floats. Everything is open. Nothing is closed.

Work by Rose Marie Cromwell. See more here.